2017_ ‘Minutos’, self published, a selected number of drawings from performance in 2015, October, 100 limited editions. Bogotá, CO
2016_ ‘La Fiesta del Querer’, Ed. La Silueta, drawing book, May, 208 p. Bogotá, CO
2014_ ‘Ancient Abstract Stories’, Ed. La Silueta, vol.2. Graphic novel, October, 32 p. Bogotá, CO
2014_‘The means of not attaining an end’, Edited by Dylan Van Elewyck, Charles Nyples Lab, Jan Van Eyck Academy, June, 92 p. Maastricht, NL
2013_ ‘Low Land’, self-publication with the support of the Ministry of Culture in Colombia, 
December, 64 p. Bogotá, CO
2013_‘Ancient Abstract Stories’, Ed. La Silueta, vol.1. Graphic novel, April, 16 p. Bogotá, CO