Of encounters and other collective stories 
In dialogue with Théo-Mario Coppola
Opening: September 08th 2018 – 6pm to 8pm
September 08 – October 23, 2018)
Gallerie Paris Beijing

Video still, “Shapes of visions that fly at night”, 2018

Horn festival for experimental films
Musrara Art School. Jerusalem, IL. 17-19 of July, 2018.

bis, etc… ArtBo fin de semana

Metapoiesis: Perspectives and Poetics from Latin America.
Screening on the 5th and 6th of May at 18h30 at La Buissonniére, Rue de Montenegro 21, Saint Gilles, Brussels, BE.

Mauricio Sáenz (México)
María Papi (Argentina)
Carlos Alfonso (Colombia)
Alex Noppel (México)
Francesca Dasso (Perú)
Gustavo Kortsarz (Argentina)

Curated by: G. Narváez
Metapoiesis does not use the traditional device and conception of cinema, but rather its distinct approaches –artefacts and experimentations– with the audio-visual that converge, in different degrees, towards video art, expanded cinema and film essay. In contemporary art there is no language or superior technique but the audio-visual medium –sight and sounds¬– stands out because, precisely, it can congregate the other arts. The dialogue established between different languages, places and characters is another form of strangeness and questioning, and it is also a relationship with the other arts. Latin American artists of Metapoiesis project show this mobility of artistic practices. From different parts of the world (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Belgium, France), they review and question local, national and global issues. Therefore, the poetics of the image and the poetry that Metapoiesis foresees from a Latin American perspective invite a (self) reflection of the diverse and changing world through audio-visual art.

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William Contreras manipulates a series of sculptural objects in a playful and critical performative talk using an interview of the artist Bernardo Salcedo. 

Saturday, February 17th. Vernissage 14h00-19h00 // Salon 1030 // Avenue des Azaleés 64 // Schaarbeek (Brussels) // Open until March 17th
(Further visits only by appointment) Hosted by Theun Vonckx

Paradisiaca readings of Lady Musa
Friday, February 16th at 18h00 at HOTEL EUROPA-Continent des anecdotescurated by Théo-Mario Coppola// Project space: le 26 of Galerie Felix Frachon/ 26 Rue Saint Georges, 1050 Brussels, BE