Archaeology of noise

Project made during art residency in FLAT Bijlmer Amsterdam, NL. July/August. 2013

View of oxygen/energy supply room with five static bikes in Vondelbunker in the Vondelpark. 

In this period I participated in two events: South Land Sub, a solo exhibition showing part of my process in the studio of FLAT Bijlmer, and Atlantic Ocean Drive, a group show organized by Collectief Ondergrond (project by Amsterdam based artists Nathalie Snel, Sebastian de Line and Michiel Hilbrink) in the Vondelbunker. This nuclear shelter had great potential in its interior architecture, specially in the room originally built to supply oxygen and electric energy with five static bikes. I mainly focused in this part of the bunker because it supposed to be the source of energy in case of a blackout. A microphone was installed next to the bikes and connected to two speakers distanced 30 m approximately, almost at the entrance of the exhibition space. The work called Archaeology of Noise, was a sound intervention that invited the audience to bike, uncover and produce noise which was amplified through the speakers and expanded to persuade newcomers.
For socializing my experience in Colombia I gathered the documentation in images, texts and interviews of the organizers and other fellow artists in a printed edition called Low Land supported by the Ministry of Culture in Colombia. To check out the publication please follow this link.

The two speakers, and works by Ian de Ruiter and Marcel Van Den Berg.

Exhibition view with Raphael Langmair’s sculpture and small sculptures (Carlos Alfonso).

Exhibition view with Sarah Verbeek’s painting and small sculptures (Carlos Alfonso).

Exhibition view with works by Marcel Van Den Berg, Sarah Verbeek and An Ngo.

Detail of static bike with microphone.

Static bikes with visiting public participation.

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