Before love or something else

Window project # 4 of Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels, BE, 2016

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Installation part of a series where domestic furniture and surrounding objects gain anthropometric shapes by combining with other elements guided by a written script. Pieces in play become characters with significant functions and are placed in caricaturesque situations that depict a romantic scene, the tension of seduction or the moment before love. This work was made specifically for the window project #4 of Hopstreet gallery in Brussels and was invited by Thomas Caron.

Window view, Hopstreet gallery, Brussels, BE. 2016

Installation view

Detail view, black obsidian sphere

Script and press text:
Before love or something else (21 May – 09 July, 2016)

Warm enough to carry sweats, banana yellow canary walls, at the front CHARACTER A (no specific age), charming, blind dating CHARACTER B (no specific age), sexy. Accidental encounter, A is nervous and anxious. B is acting like nothing happens but is still paying attention to any of A’s movements.

A   I’ve been waiting for you.

B   Waiting for me? Trembles and shakes.

A   Yes.
     With a big smile from ear to ear.

B  Jiggles.
     A couple is passing by, both with happy faces and staring at A and B through the window, the atmosphere is serene and tense at the same time.

A   While he looks to the eyes of B, he puts his shoes on and slowly tries to move closer to B. B is thrilled and totally absorbed in A. In a tactical drive, A leans forward and swings towards B, A is confident.

B   Is excited and fervent, waiting the unexpected, B likes surprises. The couple is both spectator and witness of the whole scene.

Text by Thomas Caron

It’s not entirely clear what we’re looking at, but it has something to do with an encounter. Two characters meet, perhaps for the first time, in a setting that can only be called domestic. Perhaps it’s better described as a cartoonish variation of a domestic setting: yellow walls and a brightly coloured rug with a monochrome abstract landscape on the wall. It feels like a set; a space within a space. The spatial reality of the shop window, its typological staging and the absurd encounter that takes place in that space contribute to the idea that we are looking at one isolated frame in a comic strip. We see a snapshot from a wider narrative; a scene in which something major is about to happen for the two characters involved. What is about to happen is not entirely clear. Perhaps that’s not so important. It’s all about the suspended momentum; a moment in time when something important is about to happen – before it happens. The promise of love or something else…

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