Performance in the exhibition Sightseeing – Currents #3. Marres (Opel building), Maastricht, NL, 2015 – 2016

Micro car used in performance (Aixam Arola 1985).

Orbits was a site-specific performance where a micro car is the main device to explore subjective understandings in the concept of rotation. Rotation as physical movement is translated in various moments where more elements are implied comparisons within a succession of motions that leave traces. The starting phase is a relation between my self and the empty space: a first circle is drawn with chalk to delimitate, a chant is sang synchronizing my voice with the elevating tones of the sound made from a glass with water, and a spin is thrown in numerous chances to mark a route which leads me to the entering of the car.

The second phase is the conversation between my self and the vehicle. In collaboration with a driver, the car is introduced in the space following my movements, going right, left, back and forth, and then in circles. I’m interested in the process of domestication from straight-line motion to circumnavigation, from the vacuity to the occupation of space, and from the state of concentration to the hypnotic effect it may convey. The latter is the car looping in circles by itself while the relics of this event are all that remain.


Documentation during performance.

Documentation during performance.

Detail of spin

Documentation during performance

Detail view of micro car driving by it self and wooden stick to steer the wheel.

View of space after performance.


Images courtesy of Marres, House for contemporary culture. 2016

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