Some people walk like sleepers and some people sleep like walkers, and some sleep-walk at the same time. Like a noctambulant, who walks without knowing he walks, looks without knowing what he is looking at, and moves with no orderly drift, here, the question isn’t if he’s conscious or not, or if he remembers when he wakes up, what really matters, is where he travelled to?
From one place to another, “Sleepwalker” gathers a bundle of stories which aren’t necessarily in the realm of sleep disorders, but in the act of wandering within a space that is no more physical, a space that expands out from the material to delve into the narratology of hypnotic streams. For example, “The chickens of Mr. Barrett” takes into account the dilemma of the egg and the hen as an abstract voyage through the questioning of origin as history and history as creation, examining partly the evolution of the egg from its embryonic function of generating life and food, its artificial multiplication through chemical mechanisms, to the consequences of possessing chickens. Fragmented into four episodes, this story serves as a metaphor to transit inside the scientific development of food industry, the synthetic simulation and the affection of war in relation to nutrition.

As a counter part, the third composition of the series “Cyclical Narratives” is also present. In this case, symbols and images from graphics of existing book covers are used to forge extra-stories that speak of love, betrayal, possession, conquest, witchery, among other subjects. The elliptical positioning of these books suggests a cyclical movement and reading, this means that there are multiple ways of interpreting and circulating the visual grammatical body, while the lecture is a never ending story. In addition to these works, a number of stone sculptures and drawings are installed to enclose the walk of sleep as an encounter which stretches towards the bulk of surreal dimensions, regarding the fact that this collage is an event happening in the flat of Theun –the place where he lives, sleeps, and dreams.


Drawings with tables #1. Charcoal on paper. 50 cm x 37 cm. 2018

Drawings with tables #2. Charcoal on paper. 65 cm x 48 cm. 2018

Sleepwalker, high relief on gray marble, sleeping mask and pillow. 30 cm x 20 cm. 2018

Daydreamer, high relief on gray marble, sleeping mask and pillow. 30 cm x 20 cm. 2018

Sleepwalker and two other stone pieces. 2018

Mask, low relief on gray marble (40 cm x 30 cm), 2017. Ring, granite stone (18 cm x 10 cm), 2016.

Detail. Cyclical narratives #3. 2018. Pendulum, 2016

Pendulum. Granite stone, 2016

Cyclical narratives #3. 2018. (For more info on the series please follow this link).

Wedge, blue Belgian stone. Mast, Carrara marble. 2016


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