The action of coming together

Installation view during open studios in Nucleo, Ghent, Belgium, 2016

A script is written as an audio guide to be heard throughout the whole installation, functioning as a narrative string to tie images, sculptures, objects, and the interior architecture together. Jumping from real facts and history, to fiction and humor, this voice is tuned up as a commentator or someone who reviews the space as a contention of time. By telling different stories this voice adds information to all the collection of things in the room and substitutes the presence of the author. This work is in continuos process. The following is the complete audio: 

(Audio accompanying the pieces in space as an audio-guide and commentaries. Original text written in english and narrated by Didier Vanoverbeke, 2016)


Twin tables and other details of installation.

Mimesis of a plantain. Belgian blue stone, 40 cm x 7,5 cm x 7 cm, 2016.

Detail, lead sphere and pyrite cube.

Four cubical rectangles, a wedge and two wooden triangle supports.

Iron picket, sharpening stone, wooden triangle, lead disk and wooden frame.

Slide of procession

Installation view.

Totem like figure. Two iron fragments from tram railway, 2016.

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